What to expect today; PLUS: Thoughts on the early games

March Madness is finally here, kicking off about an hour ago with Davidson and Maryland. I'll be posting from time to time today on what I see in the games I'm watching.

I'll be watching the feature games on CBS in HD splendor, but I'll also be monitoring all the games on CBS.Sportsline.com's March Madness On Demand, the only place you can find all of the games live other than a really expensive DirectTV package. So check in throughout the day and night for my thoughts on the games.

With that, here's my take on what's transpired so far:

  • Not surprised at all by Stanford getting blown out by Louisville. A lot of casual observers will point to this as evidence that the Cardinal didn't belong in the field in the first place, but I just think Louisville was an extraordinarily bad matchup for Stanford. The Cardinal have struggled all year with inconsistency, especially in protecting the basketball, and that is not a recipe for success against a pressure defense team such as Louisville. Stanford simply lacks the good point guard play to make a team pay for a full court press.
  • Also not surprised by Davidson keeping it close against Maryland. I did pick Maryland to win, but you'll remember that I mentioned Davidson in passing as potentially the "next Gonzaga or George Mason." Seems to be a bit of arrogance on Maryland's part, as the Terps continue to try and run with Davidson. It's almost as if the Terps are saying to themselves, "We have better athletes! We will always win a running game against a small school like Davidson!" They would be wise to tighten the screws a bit.
  • I have to admit, although I liked BC against Texas Tech, I haven't seen BC play a whole lot this year. I'm really impressed by Jared Dudley. That guy is so savvy around the basket -- great touch, great hands, great footwork. He'd be dominating this game if it weren't for a couple of silly fouls committed early trying to draw charges.
Check back in later for more.

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