Early thoughts on the Cougars

Some early observations from the WSU/Vandy game:

  • About 12 minutes in and I'm wondering: Where the heck are all those 3s? Vandy's taken just six so far, and made none.
  • The Cougs are winning the battle of wills at the moment, as the game is being played at a pace to their liking. Aron Baynes has been very effective so far, drawing fouls inside and getting some rebounds on the defensive end. They'll need more of that from him.
  • I'm a little irritated that the Cougs are being a bit careless with the ball (already six turnovers), and that they're giving up offensive rebounds, but they're doing a nice job defensively so far. It's been four minutes since Vandy scored.
  • The refs need to swallow their whistles a bit. Lots of ticky-tack stuff being called so far, and I don't get the sense that either one of these teams wants to play that kind of game. Both are OK with a physical game.
  • Welcome back Daven Harmeling! Hit another couple of those, would ya?


Statton said...

Finally Bennett has chosen to bury Hopson into the bench. Where has Matthews been the past month and half. Granted I'd probably not be boasting so much about Matthews if he hadn't hit those two shots, however, anybody but Hopson on the floor is best for the Cougs.

Nuss said...

I was on the phone with JoJo when Matthews came on. Bennett is crazy with his rotations -- he'll throw anyone out there. It's amazing how much he ends up looking like a genius.

I love a coach that is willing to push buttons -- under control -- to find the right combinations. Hopson gave them some good minutes towards the end of the Pac-10 season, but hadn't been effective lately. Good to see Matthews get a shot.