Finally, an upset

This has been a strangely quiet first day of the NCAA Tournament, with the higher seed winning every game in the first sessions. In fact, none of the lower seeds even came very close to winning, other than No. 10 Texas Tech against No. 7 Boston College.

Well, that's finally done, as Virginia Commonwealth has knocked off Duke on a last-second shot.

I'm a bit surprised -- not that Duke lost, because I think we all knew this was a Duke team that was pretty vulnerable. But that Duke lost in the way that it did, giving up 79 points. The Blue Devils, who have been offensively challenged all year but nails on defense, just could not get a big stop when they needed it, and that included the final shot that proved to be the dagger.

Back to the drawing board for Coach K, who's got to hope that Josh McRoberts sticks around for another year. He should, as his offensive game still needs a lot of work.

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