Unbelievable comeback by Ohio State ... wish I coulda seen it

As Vanderbilt wrapped up its double-overtime win against the Cougs, I was fairly certain that would go down as the game of the tournament.

Turns out I was wrong.

What a comeback by the Buckeyes. Never mind the fact that I was relegated to watching the deficit shrink incrementally via the scoreboard in the corner of the screen. I found myself paying less attention to UCLA and more attention to that scoreboard.

I did get to see the last four minutes, and they were spectacular. Ohio State looks like it might be a team of destiny. Absolutely nothing rattles these Buckeyes, although that could be looked at one of two ways -- either they're unflappable, or they're flirting with disaster and it's going to blow up in their faces before the championship.

I think it's the former. They beat a motivated Tennessee team bent on revenge without a great game from Greg Oden, and they're only getting stronger every time they have to figure out another way to win a game.

Meanwhile, UCLA looked very workmanlike against Pitt. That game never felt in doubt, and UCLA/Kansas ought to be a heck of a treat. I can't wait to watch that on Saturday. Two teams to play defense, each with superb athletes? It could be one for the ages, if you like that kind of hard-nosed basketball.

Oh, and as for the Bracket Challenge? Everyone had UCLA and Ohio State winning -- except for Oldham, who had Virginia beating the Buckeyes -- so just add eight points to their score from earlier tonight.

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