Wrapping up the day: Observations from the late games

As usual it's been a great day for basketball, even if it was mostly devoid of the crazy finishes and upsets that typically mark the first day of the Tournament.

Some quick thoughts on the late games tonight:

  • Holy crap -- if that Indiana team shows up against UCLA on Saturday, the Bruins better bring their A+ game. The Hoosiers looked so superior to Gonzaga that I found myself surprised by their dominance. After all, the Zags hadn't been dominated pretty much all year -- this was a team that beat No. 1 seed North Carolina and took No. 2 seed Memphis to OT earlier this year. The only problem is that the Hoosiers rarely bring that kind of intensity and effort every night, and it will be interesting to see if they can bring it again Saturday.
  • Speaking of holy crap -- North Carolina had just a 58-54 lead at one point in the second half against No. 16 seed Eastern Kentucky. The game finished 86-65. It was like the Tar Heels finally woke up. They have such firepower, it should almost be illegal.
  • I enjoyed the finish to the Xavier/BYU game as much as the next guy, but is anyone else just waiting for Gus Johnson's head to explode? That guy was a screaming lunatic by the end of that game. Take a back a notch, Gus.

All right, that's about it for tonight. Tune in tomorrow for more of the same kind of analysis. See you then!

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