I still hate CBS, but now I hate KIRO a lot less

As those of you who were reading yesterday know, CBS and its Seattle affiliate KIRO drew my ire when the WSU/ORU game wasn't offered in HD in the Seattle area.

Well, I've got to take a step back, and give KIRO some props.

The fact that there was a separate HD feed got me thinking: There must be a separate feed on their standard definition channel, meaning there might be a chance that there are two different games on. Sure enough, there was a different game on. So I got to flip back and forth between the two.

Then I found out that KIRO has a secondary channel on Comcast digital Ch. 117. Applying the same logic, I flipped over there. Sure enough, I was watching THREE different games -- without paying an extra penny. Sorry, DirecTV suckers.

Sometimes CBS would have the same game on all three -- such as when Texas A&M-Corpus Christi was giving Wisconsin a run -- but most of the time there were three different games on. KIRO even made the Oregon game, which I'm watching as we speak, available on 117 while they showed The Price Is Right on their standard def. main channel.

I'm still a little ticked about the HD, but this makes it almost all better. Thanks, KIRO.

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