I still hate KIRO, but now CBS is the chump

So, I sent an angry e-mail to KIRO this morning after calling their station, trying to figure out what would possess them to cripple my $2,000 televesion with a worthless standard definition signal.

Here was their response, courtesy of KIRO fall guy Pat Otis:

Jeff, the HD feed that we received from CBS was a flex feed. This means the network doesn't guarantee that they will carry the entire WSU game on that feed. If we had of passed that feed through it is likely that you would have missed portions of the game entirely.

So, it turns out that CBS is the bunch of cheap suck faces who didn't think enough of the Cougars to send an exclusive HD signal to the Seattle market, where most WSU alumni live.

Way to go, CBS: You once again found a way to take some air out of the first day of the NCAA Tournament.


Plaster said...

Thanks for this info, Jeff. That sucks, but it's nice to know what was up with the feed.

Cool site, BTW.

Nuss said...

Thanks, Mike! Shoot me an e-mail, let me know what you're up to these days.