We asked for it, and we got it -- wild day takes it out of me;
Plus: What to expect tomorrow

So much for complaining about the uneventfulness of the first two days of the NCAA Tournament. The Big Dance never fails to deliver -- sometimes it just takes some time.

After a day in which three of the eight games went into overtime, the madness is back, thanks in no small part to the Cougs epic double overtime thriller with Vanderbilt. Even with the excitement, there were no major surprises in any of the outcomes, even though Virginia Commonwealth tried to become George Mason part two.

In fact, despite all the excitement, the higher seed actually won six of the eight games, with No. 5 seed Butler posting the only other upset, if you can call their win over No. 4 seed Maryland such a thing.

So I look forward to tomorrow -- thanks in no small part to my cathartic commentary above -- ready for another crazy day of basketball. I'll be back with more analysis tomorrow, but it won't be until later in the afternoon, as I'll be at church in the morning.

See you then.

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