AROUND THE 'NET: Brockman named Pac-10 player of the week; Is Tony Bennett hot?

Stuff I ran across while surfing the Internet this morning ...

-- MUCH TO THE SURPRISE of this blogger, who was sure he had won the award earlier this year, Jon Brockman picked up his first Pac-10 player of the week award yesterday after his inspired performances against Cal and Stanford. Even more surprising? Brockman and WSU forward Daven Harmeling are friends. They call each other after games.

Is that even allowed?

Proposed man law: No current Cougar shall be friends with a current Husky unless one of the following criteria apply: a) Said players were friends before beginning their respective college careers; or b) Said Cougar actually has more player of the week awards than said Husky and thus may rub it in the Husky player's face, especially when said Husky is a former McDonald's All-American.

Harmeling has two player of the week awards this year, therefore I fully support this proposal. Man law?

-- APPARENTLY, TONY BENNETT is a hot commodity in more ways that one. Most of us Cougar fans worry about Bennett skipping town in a year or two for a fat contract from a university that can outspend WSU. And while the vast majority of us are concerned about the high level of basketball continuing beyond this year, there are some Coug fans who worry about his departure for a different reason.

They think he's cute.

Jim Moore of the Seattle P-I -- the Go 2 Guy -- has a humorous piece this morning on Bennett's good looks through the eyes of his wife, Laurel, who takes it all in good fun. It's a great read, whether you're a Coug fan or not.

-- IF YOU'RE A COLLEGE HOOPS JUNKIE, there is no more vital read each week than ESPN.com's Weekly Watch, which takes readers around the country for the week that was in college basketball. It looks at majors, mid-majors and small majors alike. It's great for getting geared up for the NCAA Tournament, when you're wondering who the next Gonzaga or George Mason. (It's Davidson, by the way.)

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MAN LAW! haha!!!