That sound you hear ...

... is the sound of Mariners fans jumping off the nearest cliff. Dear God, what have we done to deserve this?

Let's just all hope the one thing we thought we had to look forward to the summer still ends up being something we look forward to. But it's never good when they use the words "pitcher" and "elbow" and "tightness" in the same sentence.

I'd feel a little better -- at least for tonight -- if I felt like this team could come back on anyone. But any time they fall behind by a few runs, they roll over like a two-month-old baby. Case in point: Bottom of the sixth, Ichiro and Beltre both get on ... and Vidro pops up, failing to move the runners up; Ibanez flies out to deep center ... but as I'm writing this, Sexson actually hits a bomb!

If Richie had struck out, I was going to ask you to just shoot me now. But maybe I don't want to be shot just yet.

I'll let you know after I find out if they actually can come all the way back.

LATE UPDATE: M's lose 5-4 as Adrian Beltre is thrown out by 10 feet trying to score from first ... on a single. Granted, the right fielder misplayed it, but seriously. Beltre is not Ichiro.

Fire Carlos Garcia. Now. That should never, ever, ever, ever happen in the big leagues. The guy gets paid to do one thing -- wave that arm at the appropriate time. Thank you for costing us any chance at winning this series. You suck.

I'm happy the team showed resiliency -- if Justin Morneau were three inches shorter, the game might never have gotten to the bottom of the ninth since Vidro's scorching line drive probably would have scored the go-ahead run. But the Mariners still lost.

And we wait for the worst on the King.

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