After a break, blog returns with Bracket Challenge wrap up

After taking a couple of days off in the wake of the NCAA Tournament, now's as good a time as any to revisit a few of the lingering leftovers from college basketball.

First, it's time to publicly recognize the guys who kicked my butt in my very own Hangin' With The Nuss Bracket Challenge. Reader Chris Cloke proved to be the best of the dirty half-dozen, posting an overall score 178 points, fueled by Florida's repeat as champion. Cloke, believe it or not, was the only one to pick Florida to win it all.

Coming in second was longtime friend Ryan Sadoski, who probably would have won had there been any actual money on the line. After a horrific start, I made a strong comeback to climb to third, fueled by getting three of the four Final Four participants. In fact, I had the fewest correct games out of anyone in the pool.

Thanks to all who played -- it was fun for me to do. We'll try and get some more readers involved next year!

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Dr Pezz said...

Vegas was great! Thanks to Florida and Tennessee (and the oh so many ways to bet on a championship game) I came back from Sin City with more than I started. Woo-hoo!

Thanks for the pool. Any chance to be competitive and to be a stat geek is awesome in my book!