Is it possible Houston screwed up two years in a row?

I'm going to forgo the pick-by-pick analysis for the rest of the draft, and instead offer up some thoughts as they come to me:

  • It seems the Houston Texans have gone the way of the NBA with their pick of Amobi Okoye out of Louisville. Scouts are enamored with his potential. He was a nice player this year for the Cardinals, but one has to wonder if he'd be the No. 10 overall pick if he wasn't 19 years old and the word "upside" wasn't so closely attached to his name. If the Texans' defense doesn't show some dramatic improvement this year with Mario Williams in his second year at defensive end and Okoye in the middle, the Texans will soon be mentioned in the same breath as the Lions and Browns and historically inept franchises. This is a big gamble pick.
  • Finally, a trade. The Jets move up to get Darelle Rivas out of Pitt at No. 14, and paid a pretty price to do it. They gave up their 1st, 2nd and 5th round picks to get Carolina's 1st and 6th. That guy better be a starter right away, and better make that defense a heck of a lot better from day one to justify that trade. That said, the Jets have a good track record going for them -- eight of their 10 picks last year ended up as starters or backups. So it's a young team anyway, one that probably can afford to give a pick to get the guy it wants.
  • Fifteen picks off the board, Brady Quinn still sitting uncomfortably in the green room. When are these guys going to get smart and decline the green room invitations? Just stay home with family and friends. So you miss out on coming up on stage, putting on a hat and holding up a jersey? Oh well -- at least you're not staring vacantly at the stage with each pick that passes and your name's not called ...
  • Oh, and I think Jacksonville's staff actually will crap themselves if Quinn falls all the way to them at 17.
Still no more word on Darrell Jackson.

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