If only I lived on the East Coast ...

We knew it was a strong likelihood that the Seahawks would send Darrell Jackson to the San Francisco 49ers this morning for a 4th round pick -- which they did, and that pick is coming up shortly -- but, out of nowhere, the Raiders sent Randy Moss to New England, also for a 4th round pick.

That's what I get for sleeping in. By 8 a.m. on the west coast, all the big news has happened.

So, what do these trades mean? Here's Mike Sando's take:

The Seahawks did not want Jackson on their team; and it's tough to get a high pick for a starting receiver. Looks like New England will land Randy Moss for a fourth-round pick. New England looks pretty smart, in other words. The Pats get a first-rounder from Seattle for Deion Branch, then land Moss for a fourth-rounder.
What does the Jackson trade mean specifically for the Seahawks? Well, most immediately it means the Seahawks now have two 4th round picks in the span of five picks. It also means they've sent the second-most-productive receiver in team history to a division rival that's on the rise. That ought to signify how desperate the Hawks were to unload Jackson.

I'll have a full breakdown this afternoon of what Jackson's trade means to the 49ers, and how 4th round picks have fared under Tim Ruskell's leadership. I believe Rob Sims was a 4th round pick last year, and he performed very well in limited duty last year and is slated to be your starting left guard this season.

The Hawks just picked Miami DE Baraka Atkins with their first 4th round pick. I'll have some info on him shortly.

UPDATE: Here's a quick analysis of Jackson deal from Sando's perspective. Again, I'll have my thoughts later this afternoon.

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