The story that won't go away, Part II

So, remember that little post yesterday where I wondered aloud how it was even remotely possible that someone could even consider a shameless self-promoter might actually fake something like a bloody sock in the playoffs?

I'll give you one guess who's using the "story that won't die" to drive traffic to his blog, 38 pitches.com. After spitting his vitriol at everyone from Gary Thorne to any media outlet that picked up the story, Red Light Curt had this to say:

"So for one of the first times this blog serves one of the purposes I'd hoped it would if the need arose. The media hacked and spewed their way to a day or two of stories that had zero basis in truth. A story fabricated by the media, for the media. The best part was that instead of having to sit through a litany of interviews to 'defend' myself, or my teammates, I got to do that here."
That's beautiful, Curt. Please, do us all a favor and stay as far away from any camera that comes your way, so you don't have to put up with the big bad media that built your silly bloody sock into an American legend in the first place.

We bet you a million bucks you can't.

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