Follow up on Abbott: Cougs likely won't use scholarship

Just to tag on to the Abbott post from this morning, Glen Kasses of The Spokesman-Review believes that it's now pretty unlikely the Cougars will use the scholarship the team had set aside for Abbott when a pair of players decided to transfer.

There's not a great crop of JC talent out there right now, so unless an international player or a high schooler comes along in the near future I don't know that WSU will fill this last spot. (Certainly, they shouldn't need another guy to fill the rotation for next season if they think there's someone better out there in '08.)

Having said that, though, this Cougar staff has a history of bringing guys into the fold pretty late, with Chris Matthews and Nikola Koprivica two prime examples from the last two years. So we'll see what happens.
He also notes that losing Abbott to ASU is not a huge blow, but could have been had he picked UW over the Cougs, just from a recruiting perception standpoint. It's hard to get too disappointed when a kid decides to stay home and play in front of family, and Herb Sendek is obvsiously making some inroads at ASU.

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