Four in a row ... and this one wasn't Hargrove's fault

I didn't get to catch much of the game last night outside of highlights, but I'm with Hargrove on this one: He's simply got to get more consistency out of his starting pitchers. Miguel Batista can't go out and give up 8 runs in 4.2 innings one outing, 3 runs in 6.2 innings the next, and 6 runs in 6 innings the next.

Batista chalked it up somewhat to luck, kinda like Jeff Weaver. I'm not buying it. These guys have got to figure out a way to bring something more substantial each time out. And the offense has got to quit waiting until about the seventh inning to decide it wants to do something. Statistically, that offense is looking better, but only because of production in too little, too late situations.

If the M's are serious about contending, they really need to end this skid with a pair of wins to take this series.

And for goodness sake, don't throw a pitch to Vlad Guerrero that doesn't bounce in the dirt or hit him in the back. Please.

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Dr Pezz said...

Who do we place in the crosshairs of blame for six straight losses?