Round one wrapping up; heading out for the afternoon

The first round is drawing to a close, and with it Brady Quinn's uncomfortable free fall has ended. The Browns proved to be either the smartest team around, or the luckiest, as they were able to move into the first round for the second time to pick up Quinn after passing on him the first time around.

The Browns paid a steep price -- second round pick this year, first round pick next year -- but if quinn truly is a franchise quarterback, it's worth it. Yes, the Browns only got the No. 3 and No. 22 picks, but this has the feel of the year the Seahawks took Walter Jones and Shawn Springs in the first round, a draft that really set the team up for long-term success, because the Browns truly got two top 10 talents. It's a great deal for a franchise that has floundered so much in recent years.

With that said, I'm going to be heading out for a while. Such a beautiful day ... it's a shame to waste it by sitting indoors! (Even if it is the NFL Draft.) However, I'll still have the radio on as I'm out with the family, so I'll have some more thoughts on the draft when I get home -- especially once they get around to the Seahawks' pick (estimated to be around 5 p.m.).

And, no, there is no new news on Darrell Jackson.

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