On the eve of the draft, a reminder of what once was

With the NBA draft tomorrow night -- and with us reminiscing about the stars of yesteryear -- here's just a little flash back of what once was in Seattle when it came to our SuperSonics.

I had a similar sensation watching the highlight reels of Junior this weekend as I marveled at his bat speed as a young player. Sometimes I forget just how good Shawn Kemp was. Thank goodness we have YouTube to remind us.

Special thanks to Seth over at Enjoy the Enjoyment for digging this up.


DrPezz said...

I hate Dikembe!

Nuss said...

Yeah, that moment was pretty much the moment the NBA ceased being my favorite sport. It seems weird, but I was a freshman in high school when that happened, and I remember just being so infatuated with that team -- the players had this air of invincibility about them. Then that happened, and I realized that there were a lot of reasons I didn't really like the NBA.

The Finals appearance in '96 eased some of it, but now I pretty much watch the NBA with only a passing interest. It really even falls after the NHL in terms of sporting events I enjoy watching. If we had a hockey team here, the Sonics would fall to a distant fifth (behind the Cougs, Seahawks, Mariners, NHL team) in my favorites.

DrPezz said...

I was a freshman too (in college-ugh-I'm getting old, which I definitely feel after playing hoops today). I remember watching that game and just putting my head down knowing a title just flew out the window. The Nuggets were the only team I feared that year. Grrrr.

When Kemp missed the last second free throws to win the series during game four (losing in overtime), I have never regained my enthusiasm for the sport, especially the Sonics as they continually disappoint me.

I met Shawn "getting fatter" Kemp at CWU when he would visit a friend of a friend. He'd come in, play video games, drink, and smoke, get the munchies, and then go home.

I still love baseball though, even if I was an awful hitter. :)