Here's some advice: Watch a player PLAY to evaluate him!

So, The Seattle Times is reporting this morning that Kevin Durant had a less-than-stellar workout at an NBA pre-draft camp in Orlando, Fla., this past week.

So bad, in fact that he ranked 78th out of the 80 prospects who worked out for scouts in terms of the "measurables" they took at the camp.

To which I humbly reply ...

WHO CARES? Have you seen the guy play?!?!

Seriously, after watching this video -- and remembering that the guy is 19 years old and just won every major college basketball player of the year award -- ask me whether I care if he can't bench press 185 pounds even once.

The headline on the story says "Durant far from finished product." Well, if that's the case, sign me up for about five championships between now and the end of his Sonics career.


AJH said...

The highlights aren't that impressive. Reminds me of Donyell Marshall in college. Better outside shot but that's it. I would have to agree that he looks undersized and a little slow. Only the really strong or the really quick survive in the NBA. LeBron is both. Durant is neither.

Nuss said...

I couldn't disagree more. I know this isn't necessarily the best highlight reel, but he's so much better right now that Donyell Marshall ever has been at any point in his life.

He's so silky smooth, and he's going to get stronger. The one thing that's hard to replicate on a highlight reel is how he carried his team in other ways -- rebounding, blocking shots, etc.

The guy is an absolute beast. And comparing anyone to LeBron is silly -- there has never been, and might never be, anyone like him.

DrPezz said...

LeBron reminds me of an early Magic Johnson, a bit better scorer, but a similar unselfish game.

Nuss said...

LeBron is pretty much the only reason I'm going to watch any of these NBA Finals -- not necessarily for the star power, but because I'm curious to see what he can do his first time there.

DrPezz said...

The stat that always amazes me is that from 77-80 Magic won a high school state championship, an NCAA championship, and an NBA title. Wow! Let's see someone else lead like that.

I actually enjoy the Spurs' team concept passing and defensive intensity. The simple, half-court exploit and punish mentality is fun to watch, even if only from a technical side.

I would never put the Spurs with the 80s Lakers and Celtics or the 90s Bulls, but I enjoy them.

Nuss said...

I actually have quite a love/hate relationship with the Spurs. I'm going to expand on it in a post tonight (in honor of the Finals), but essentially it comes down to this: I love the fundamental efficiency with which they play the game, but I can't stand the whining, flopping and dirty play. It just grates on me like fingernails on a chalkboard.