Husky fans rejoice -- new book about James era now shipping

Apparently, someone thought Don James and the University of Washington football program interesting enough topics to write a book about them.

Those of you who don't know me wouldn't know that I was a huge Husky fan back in the day, and remember the James era well -- I remember sitting up all night to see if they won the national championship in '91, and attended the 1993 Rose Bowl (the last of the three in a row).

However, I don't hold James in nearly as high of esteem as most Husky fans -- and it's not because I'm now a Coug through and through. Even as a teenager I considered him a quitter who bailed on his team precisely when it needed him most. Those violations happened on his watch, and whether the punishment was justified is irrelevant. He left his team high and dry, and the UW truly has never recovered.

That said, there's no denying the guy was a fabulous football coach, and the book should be an interesting read, if this interview with the author or this interview with the author are any indication.

Might make for a nice Father's Day gift if your dad's into that "wistful wishing for the glory of yesteryear" that so many Husky fans have going for themselves these days.

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