Former Seahawk Adams signs with Denver

We're just going to go ahead and try and touch on every professional sports team in Seattle today. Next up: The Seahawks.

When the Cincinnati Bengals released DT Sam Adams a couple of weeks ago, my first thought was that he'd be a perfect fit for the Seahawks up front. Ignoring whatever personality issues might be at play -- and, believe me, I understand the bad feelings from his first stint in Seattle are nothing to simply dismiss -- from a purely football standpoint, he seemed to be precisely the kind of guy that could help the Seahawks.

He's big and physical, something the front four has really lacked the last two years with Marcus Tubbs in and out of the lineup thanks to chronic knee problems. In fact, the difference in the performance of the defense with and without Tubbs has been well documented.

Alas, it's not to be, as Adams signed today with the Broncos. The Seahawks didn't even contact him, as near as I can tell (which is from afar, obviously). With Tubbs coming off another knee surgery, it seemed that a guy of Adams' stature could have helped ease the burden on him. Adams is a shell of the player he once was, but with the way the Hawks rotate defensive linemen, I bet he could have given them a good team about 15-20 max effort plays a game.

This means one of two things to me: Either they dislike Adams that much, or they like fourth-round pick Brandon Mebane that much.

I sure hope it's the latter.

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