More from Seattle Sonics draft HQ

Here are some more captured stills from the Sonics draft party referenced earlier. I've got just a few more thoughts:

  1. I'm pretty sure that poor lady in the blue shirt is still sitting on the ground while everyone else is jumping up and down because she just wet herself at the realization that she now has a 60 percent better chance of keeping her job.
  2. Where in the heck did they come up with a Kevin Durant jersey? Did somebody there know something none of us knew?
  3. Who is the guy kissing the Durant jersey, and how did he get to be the lucky one to christen it?
  4. The biggest question of all, though: Where can I buy one of those Durant jerseys? I want one right now.


Mike said...

1) That "poor lady" is my manager! I showed her the blog, because I knew she would appreciate the shout out! She sends her regards and agrees that the likelihood (sp?) of keeping her job DID get a huge lift!

2) For how "bad" its been, so many people in the office were optimistic that one of those picks would fall our way. Signs that there is still hope of getting something done in Seattle? FOR SURE!! And by the way, we do have a Sonics' ODEN jersey made up as well!

3) I could be completely wrong on this, because I haven't met the guy yet.. but I think he works in our marketing or PR department, and is a Hook 'em Longhorn alum. He will definitely be enjoying next season!

4) Our team shop sells customizable, authentic or replica jerseys. They have been flooded with requests! Nusser: if you want to get one, it would be beneficial to talk to me beforehand.

Mike said...

I meant to add one of these ($) in the "beneficial" area... lol.

Nuss said...

That's so awesome. Both the part about the excitement/optimism and the part about your manager. That cracks me up.

And I just might take you up on that ...