Going to the Seahawks this fall? Don't count on getting a Coke

In one of the more head-scratching notes of the morning, Jones Soda Co. is now the official soft-drink supplier of Qwest Field, supplanting mighty Coke.

It can be considered a mild coup for Seattle-based Jones (NASDAQ: JSDA), to beat out such soda giants as Coca-Cola and Pepsi for the Qwest Field rights, and fans at the game won't be able to buy a Coke next year when watching the Seahawks at home.

Coca-Cola Co., the previous exclusive soda at Qwest Field, has had a relationship with the Seahawks "on and off for the past 20 years," according to Susan Stribling, spokeswoman for the Atlanta soft drink company (NYSE: KO). Coca-Cola's Dasani water brand also won't be available at Qwest Field anymore, she added.
I've never actually had a Jones Soda -- mostly I just stare at their wacky flavors and interesting label photos when I walk downt he soda aisle at Safeway -- so I'm not sure I can tell you exactly what this means. I do know that they switched recently to making all their soda with pure cane sugar, to much fanfare.

I can just picture it now: "Can I get a large FuFu Berry soda and a small Blue Bubble Gum to go with my hot dog and nachos?"

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