Let me be the first to say ... Portland sucks!

The sports talk radio airwaves were still abuzz yesterday afternoon with the talk of Kevin Durant likely coming to the Sonics. One of the radio hosts said that the No. 1 and No. 2 pick playing in the same division in two towns in the same region separated by less than 200 miles should lead to what has been a long-dormant rivalry.

My guess is, when the good citizens of Redheaded Stepchild Of The Northwest see this video, it might get ratcheted up even a notch further. Yes, that's the Sonics' employees you hear chanting for Portland to get the No. 3 pick, moments before the Hawks were revealed, to much rejoicing (photo, right).

What I love is that don't even bother to say, "Not the Sonics," which is all that really matters. They just fire a shot right across the bow of the Blazers. Makes me swell with Seattle pride.

The simple reality is that Portland wouldn't be much of a team if it weren't for big brother Seattle to take care of it. After all, we all saw what Portland could do when left to its own devices -- watch out for those Jailblazers!


  • Billionnaire owner of the team? From Seattle, made his billions in Seattle.
  • Coach of the team? Spent entire playing career with the Sonics. Had number retired by the Sonics. Former coach of the Sonics. Family still lives in Seattle.
  • Star of the team, savior of the franchise? Seattle high school and college basketball legend.
  • Top pick the year before? Seattle high school star.
Portland can try to be like us by importing our stars; it might even try to upstage us by actually having a useful light rail system downtown.

But it will never be Seattle, no matter how hard it tries.


Mike said...

I was definitely a part of that! I think I was offscreen for most of it (green shirt- lefthand side). And YES, everyone WAS wishing ill-will on Portland with that number 3! Definitely bulletin board material for next year!

your brother said...

Keep in mind the best band that claims it's from Portland... well.... ever, Modest Mouse, was actually formed in Seattle. Freeloaders.

Nuss said...

Actually, I think the best band that claims its from Portland is Everclear. (The original Everclear, that is.)

The bass player grew up in Spokane, so maybe that counts for something.

Nuss said...

And when I say the original Everclear, I mean the pre pop sellout, Sparkle and Fade Everclear.

Just to be clear.

your brother said...

Ever-What-Now? Viva la Brock!