Reading between Ichiro's lines -- good luck to you!

After the Mariners finally got manager John McLaren his first win yesterday at the helm of the Mariners, Ichiro had some curious comments afterward.

For those of you looking for something "sinister" in the resignation of Mike Hargrove, I imagine you'll feel free to read plenty into these.

First, this one, told to the Japanese media and translated over at Detect-o-vision (courtesy of Enjoy The Enjoyment):

"There was a play (in the game) with a certain intention. A play we did not have for 2 years."
He was speaking, according the site, of a specific play in the game that seemed to be a part of having a plan to win the game -- something Hargrove apparently was lacking.

Then, there is this nugget, courtesy of Larry LaRue at The (Tacoma) News Tribune:
"We don’t know what the future holds for manager John McLaren,” Ichiro said. “But to be part of his first victory was emotional for all of us. I want to help him win a lot of games in his career.”
Wait. Did the guy who is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year just say he wants to help the new manager win "a lot of games in his career"? I hope I'm not making too much of an assumption that McLaren's career will last more than half a season ...

Welcome to the world of hanging on every word of your team's superstar, made even more fun by the fact that he's Japanese, won't speak English to the media, and loves to give quotes that are more riddles than answers.

Just one more fun thing to watch for the rest of the season.

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Just remember: All your base are belong to Ichiro.