Winning ugly never felt so good

Listening to the national pundits, you'd think after the Seahawks' anemic offensive performance led to "only" a 9-6 win over Detroit that the Hawks are heading straight for the toilet. (Never mind that these are the same "experts" who thought the Panthers were the class of the NFC ... before they went out and got slapped by the Falcons. At home.)

Maybe I just have rose colored glasses on. Maybe I'm just totally jacked up about going to the home opener next weekend against Arizona. But I didn't come away as discouraged as it seems everyone thinks we Hawk fans should be.

Do I think they should have won by a more comfortable margin? Sure. But there are a lot of reasonable explanations for their offensive ineptitude, and almost all of them are correctable as the season goes along.

At this point in the season, defenses are ahead of the offenses, especially when said offense has new key cogs in the line and receiving corps. And when that defense is playing with a lot of emotion for a new coach in their home opener ... well, let's just say that's a recipe for trouble for any team.

I'll admit, I was a bit disturbed by their inability to run the ball, or to get a receiver open downfield after the first series. But I believe that the holes will open for Alexander once Pork Chop -- who was absolutely awful on Sunday, but is starting because Holmgren feels like he owes it to him -- is replaced by Chris Spencer, who looked very good in the preseason. And the passing game will grow in strength as the season goes along and Hasselbeck establishes a strog rapport with his ever-changing receiving corps.

And I'm here to tell you that change is good.

The addition of Deion Branch was a coup for the Seahawks. Some people believe that the Seahawks overpaid by sending a first-round pick to the Patriots, but I use this rationale: The window of opportunity to win a Super Bowl is small, and next year's first-round pick isn't exactly likely to help us win a Super Bowl this season, or even next season. Branch helps us now.

For those wondering why we're paying so much to so many receivers, think of how the trio of Jackson, Burleson and Branch is going to grow together over the next few years. Engram has a lot of miles on those tires, and he's not going to be around much longer. This makes for probably the deepest group of receivers in the league, and once they start to gel ... look out.

And maybe, just maybe, Branch can help us get one of those pretty little trophies he's holding in the picture above.

So take heart, Hawks fans. The team played far from its best, with an offense still looking to click, and still won. And in the NFL, a win, is a win, is a win.

Don't you think the Panthers would like to be in our position right now?


Mike said...

I like Branch in a Seahawks uniform. Although for my FFL team I think the only reason this move upgrades his fantasy worth is the fact that he will be playing for the next 8 or 9 weeks!

The Nuss said...

I suppose that's an upgrade over a guy who was prepared to hold out for 10 weeks, but you and I both know he's stuck in a situation like he was in with Brady -- too many quality receivers with a quarterback who loves to spread the ball around.

Believe me, as the owner of Darrell Jackson, I feel your pain.

Erik said...

I love getting a win, on the road, against an NFC team, its part of the tie breakers the NFL uses, so it cant hurt, even if its 9-6. I also like seeing potential playoff teams such as Carolina, New York, Tampa, Washington all losing in the first week of the season as well. Our first goal should be to get in the playoffs, then make it homefield, then win the superbowl..Right now we are on our way to every one of those goals.

The Nuss said...

That's why I can't understand why people are freaking out about the win. Soooo many other "contending" teams lost their opening games. And let's remember -- this team lost its opening game last season, and didn't really hit its stride until about week four. This team is better, and will be even better as the season moves along.

Anonymous said...