Blog makeover complete!

Thanks for being patient while I redesigned the blog. I have now made the complete move to Blogger Beta, which allows for greater control over the layout of the site. Some of the more notable changes:

  • The color scheme and logos are now a bit more reflective of the content of the site: Goodbye lamo orange army star in the corner, hello team logos!
  • The site is now considerably wider, allowing for easier reading of the posts, which are no longer extremely long and narrow.
  • The Beta move also allows you to subscribe to my posts through RSS feeds on Atom, by either clicking here, or clicking on the Atom link at the bottom of the page.
  • On the sidebar on the right, I've now incorporated a handful of news feeds from ESPN.com, The News Tribune, The Seattle Times and Fanball.com. (I've got nothing against the Seattle P-I, but they don't offer a comprehensive RSS feed of their sports site.)
  • Each post is now categorized, so if you want to see what I've written about the Seahawks, you can see all of those posts at once (also listed down the side).
I put a lot of work and thought into this to make it a more attractive, easier to read design. I hope you dig it.

My latest post follows. Be looking for my WSU/Stanford and UW/UCLA previews, which will be up on the site by Saturday, and my Seahawks/Giants preview, which will be up by Sunday.

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