FYI: WSU, UW media packets for weekend games

ONE OF THE COOL THINGS about the Internet is that information is readily available to anyone -- even information that used to be privileged.

Both WSU and UW make their weekend media packets, which used to only go to those reporters covering the games, available to the public. They're full of cool stats, tidbits and other stuff. Ever wonder where TV guys get those snappy little nuggets about players, like what their favorite food is, or how many games in a row they've made at least one basket? They get it here. (Sorry guys, your secret is now out.)

I sometimes like to print them out before I sit down to watch a game. But then again, I'm a geek.

Anyway, if it's something you might find cool, here's where you can find this week's in advance of the Oregon schools' trip through Washington:

UW fans find yours here. WSU fans find it here.

A lot of stuff doesn't change much from week to week, but it's always fun to look at if you're an information hound.

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