Where the heck have I been?

The end of the school year happened, that's where I've been. Then I ended up on jury duty. Then the garage needed cleaning. Then it became like 90 degrees and my house turned into an oven. Sorry to those of you who have been faithful readers.

Be looking for a post in the next day or so, then the blog will be taking about two weeks off starting July 7 because of summer vacations. Hope you all are enjoying your summer the same!


erik said...

why the hell would you serve jury duty if it did not get you a week off work? You are supposed to put that off until september!

Matt said...

Glad to see you back in action, Nuss. My summer has kinda sucked, actually. Working at Quiznos is a REALLY crappy way to spend my last summer as a high schooler.

Oh well ... it's work, right?

Anyway, I'll look forward to your posts in the next few days. Mattinee has gone through some changes since you've been gone (I now have video blogs -- cool!). See ya.